While coconut oil has many benefits, including microbial, it does not contribute much of an energy boost. Nor does it suppress your hunger or help feed your brain the way this tasteless and odorless oil does. Add it to your salads, smoothies and vegetable juices. Continue Reading

How Microbes Moved From Villain to Hero
Far from being nasty germs that are considered harmful, microbes are earning new respect from scientists, especially since fungi, bacteria and other minuscule critters are seen as ‘partners’ to improve your immune system. Food, microbes and health are all inextricably intertwined, and the gut-brain connection may shed light on how they affect your metabolism. Continue Reading

Can a Supplement Help Prevent Kidney Stones?
Kidney stones are an excruciatingly painful condition that occurs when calcium oxylate crystals get stuck in your urinary tract. For the last 30 years, one remedy has been potassium citrate, but its side effects often rivaled the kidney trouble. A new supplement, extracted from an Asian fruit, holds promise for dissolving and preventing kidney stones. Continue Reading



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