Despite the fact 76 percent of doctors now approve of its use, many families are still unable, legally or otherwise, to obtain this remarkable treatment – and instead have to resort to these toxic and more expensive drugs, which can even lead to heroin addiction. Continue Reading

Best Herbs to Help With Insomnia
Nearly 60 million Americans struggle to sleep each night. At least 15 percent of these people are turning to sleep aids to get through the night, some with disastrous effects. Fortunately, healthier options include several herbs and nearly 30 tips that may help improve your sleep quality. Continue Reading

Discover How Vanilla Enhances More Than Just Flavors
You might think that vanilla is only used to flavor foods, but it has far greater potential than that. In its essential oil form, vanilla can help treat various conditions thanks to its calming, antidepressant and aphrodisiac qualities. Continue Reading


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