Few things are as homey and comforting as brisket—food’s answer to the Snuggie, tender brisket is cosily wrapped up in a velvety sauce. One of brisket’s greatest attributes is its versatility: You can bathe it in almost any liquid to imbue it with flavor. In celebration of the coming holidays, we chose a bath of pomegranates. This ancient fruit, so beloved by Egyptian mummies that they were buried with it, bursts not just with 40% of your daily vitamin C but its anti-oxidant polyphenols act as antibacterial, cancer-fighting agents.

Besides a glass of organic merlot and a mixed green salad, we’ve paired our brisket with an Apple-Raspberry Oat Crumble. Sugar, butter and white flour are usually found in voluminous amounts in crumbles but our version requires minimal sugar, uses coconut oil instead of butter and oats in place of white flour. The result is a delicious treat you can feel great about scarfing down before you get into your Snuggie.




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