One of the most important practices when endeavoring to eat well is to establish variety in your diet. I share this with my clients like a mantra, knowing at this point in my own practice that variety leads to sustainability.

Because of this I’m always on the hunt for inspiring dishes that appeal to my palate and my needs. Recently, I visited friends in California and tried Poke. Although I’d heard of it, and it’s all the craze among New York City’s harried and hurried workforce, I’d never tried it. I’m not a huge fan of raw sushi, so I hadn’t considered it, but after trying it with my friends I thought of ways to include Poke in my culinary repertoire in a way that works for me. Hence, vegan Poke. Such a ridiculously easy dish to make and so wonderfully flavorful I am sure it will be a regular staple meal in my kitchen… Click here for the recipe.

Vegan Friends Cookbook
19 Chefs, 5 Continents, 95 Amazing Recipes!

Vegan Friends Cookbook – Ebook VersionProduced by popular youtube cook, Anja Cass of Cooking With Plants, The Vegan Friends Cookbook brings together 19 of the world’s most talented vegan cooks and chefs. A collection of their favorite vegan recipes from around the world, this is a truly unique plant based cookbook to add to your collection. All 95 recipes represent their diverse cultural backgrounds and an amazing fusion of tasty delights from Asia, India, the Americas, Middle East and Europe. So many different flavors and styles that will take your vegan cooking to a whole new level! Each recipe has a full color photograph and detailed step by step instructions on how to create the dish. As the owner of this book you have the opportunity to not only try a wider range of recipes, but to also connect with your favorite cook/chef through their contact details included in the “Biographies” section of this book. Continue Reading



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