Biotin is a B-complex vitamin required by every cell in the body. B vitamins are a class of chemically distinct vitamins that help your body process food into energy. Also known as vitamin H, coenzyme R, and vitamin B7, biotin helps the body metabolize fats, protein,[1] and carbohydrates. The human body needs biotin for normal growth and development, and the vitamin is especially critical for healthy embryonic growth. Biotin can also help maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails.[2] Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, as opposed to fat-soluble. Unused water-soluble vitamins… Continue Reading

Lung Detox

Help your lungs go from black and clogged to pink and healthy in under a year!

If you’ve been smoking for more than a year now, your lungs would look like the chimney of a factory – charred and black with smoke, dirty with sticky residue of nicotine and tar.

Doctors and med magazines tell you that it would normally take you fifteen smoke-free years to get your lungs looking pink and healthy again. Continue Reading



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