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How to “look” like someone who lifts

The other day I was talking to my buddy Ahmad Hakimi (a crazy strong, 24 year old bodybuilder and powerlifter) and he told me about a guy at his gym who was complaining to him about not “looking” strong. This guy had been working out for 2-3 years now yet didn’t look like it at all and had no idea why.

His diet was on point, he had tried several different training programs, and he was even ultra-disciplined. I mean this guy seemed crazy dedicated.

Quoting what Ahmad said, “This guy was the type that wouldn’t mind waking up at 3am, squatting for 10 hours straight, then hunting a f***ing dragon and drinking its blood.”

Yet he still looked like he didn’t lift.

So what was the problem?

At this point I was curious too. So I asked him what he told him and he shared his story with me as well.

When Ahmad first started lifting, he had the same exact issue. He just didn’t look like a dude who lifted weights… and even years in!

He worked out like crazy, his diet was on point, his discipline was unbeatable…

But yet he’d see other guys at the gym (even guys who weren’t as hardcore as he was; or so he thought), and he’d think, “Why do they look so amazing and massive, whereas I’ve been lifting for years and still don’t even look like I lift?!”

But then he finally figured it out (almost 4 years of lifting later).

“You need to get strong.” He told us.

“And you need to get strong in very big, compound movements (deadlift, squat, bench press, shoulder press, rows…).”

You see once Ahmad got strong in all those lifts, everything changed.

He finally had the body and physique of someone who “looked” like they worked out… a lot. I’m talking even when you’re wearing clothes. People will see you and just immediately know.

The fact is that once you really get strong in the big important lifts that matter, really get your numbers up, your physique starts to change as a whole, and you’ll “look like you workout” whether you’ve got 8% bodyfat or 20% bodyfat. In order to handle those heavier loads, your physique will be forced to change into that of a man’s – you’ll become a beast. Huge shoulders/traps, big chest, wide and powerful back, strong thick arms, powerhouse legs, strong forearms and hands — the whole package.

“It’ll happen for you. Just focus on getting stronger. Focus on those numbers. Every week try and add 5 pounds to all your lifts and keep at it.” He told the guy.

The crazy part is, Ahmad has written 2 books, and has teamed up with Dr. Carla Clark and created his own training system and philosophy – yet he didn’t even mention it to the guy!

I’m like “Dude, why didn’t you tell him about your system?”

I had no idea why.

Anyway – what’s Ahmad’s secret to not only building muscle and size everywhere, but really developing that beastly, powerful physique? The kind that turns heads everywhere?

Well… I’ll let you find out yourself.

This guy is crazy smart.

He’s muscular, strong as shit, and knows his stuff (in fitness, business, and life) and he’s only 24 years old.

Check it out here —> Continue Reading


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